About the Travel Industry Compensation Fund Management Board

Terms of reference

The Travel Industry Compensation Fund Management Board (TICFMB) is a statutory body established under section 32B of the Travel Agents Ordinance (TAO) (Cap. 218). Its major terms of reference are:

  • to hold, manage and apply the Travel Industry Compensation Fund (TICF) in accordance with the provisions of the TAO;
  • to provide ex gratia payment to outbound travellers who suffer loss of outbound fares (commonly arisen from the default of travel agents), and to outbound travellers who sustain personal injuries or death in accidents during outbound activities provided or organized by travel agents;
  • to authorize the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong or any other person to collect the TICF levy;
  • to invest any money of the TICF in any investment authorized under the Trustee Ordinance (Cap. 29) or approved by the Financial Secretary;
  • to make rules in relation to the administration of the TICF; and
  • to arrange for the examination of the economy, efficiency and effectiveness with which the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong has used its resources if required by the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development.


The TICFMB comprises a Chairman and 6 Members. The 5 unofficial members are drawn from various fields such as banking sector, travel industry, legal sector and the Consumer Council. The Registrar of Travel Agents is the ex officio Member and Secretary of the TICFMB.

TICFMB Membership List:

Chairman: Mr Kevin LAM Sze-cay
Members: Dr Edwin CHENG Kwok-kit, MH
Ms Kerry CHING Kim-wai
Mrs Christine IP YEUNG See-ming
Mr Jason WONG Chun-tat, JP
Ms Gilly WONG Fung-han *
Ex officio Member/Secretary: Mr CHAN Kim-keung, Registrar of Travel Agents
* Chief Executive of the Consumer Council